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When it comes to a mental health crisis, OneCare Crisis Network is here for you. Our compassionate and dedicated team of counselors offers 24/7 support services that are confidential, non-judgmental, and available whenever you need them. Get the help you need and deserve with OneCare Crisis Network. 

Crisis Call Center Hub

The ONECARE CRISIS NETWORK Contact Center workforce collaborates with cellular dispatch to deploy a mobile crisis team to individuals in need, delivering on-site crisis intervention services. The team also facilitates scheduling for outpatient services and manages the disposition of intensive referrals. This integrated approach ensures a comprehensive response to crises, connecting callers with appropriate in-person support and outpatient resources.

24/7 Mobile Crisis

ONECARE CRISIS NETWORK Counselors will be available around the clock, ensuring support when you need it the most. Our services extend to offering crisis support not only for the general public but also for front-line responders and healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to providing continuous assistance during critical times, prioritizing the well-being of those who serve on the front lines of care and response.

23-Hour Stabilization Center

In cases where a patient requires prompt medical intervention, determining the immediate need for hospital admission may not be immediately apparent. The situation might be conducive to treatment in an emergency room (ER) without the need for prolonged hospitalization. In such instances, a period of observation lasting up to 23 hours is often considered the most appropriate course of action. The ONECARE CRISIS NETWORK Counselor will consult with the nearest available option for further guidance.

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