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How it works

The OneCare Crisis Line offers free and confidential support. Whether you choose to call, chat, or text, a qualified responder is available to listen and assist you. The amount of information you share is entirely up to you. Our support extends beyond the conversation, as our responders can link you to the necessary resources.

Individuals facing a crisis are not isolated. If you are contemplating self-harm, having suicidal thoughts, or engaging in self-destructive behaviors, we are here to assist.

Reach out to us promptly if you or the veteran or service member in your life is displaying signs of crisis, such as:

  • Expressing feelings of hopelessness

  • Dealing with anxiety or agitation

  • Escalating risky behaviors or substance use

When to call

What to expect

  1. A recording will alert you that you've reached the OneCare Crisis Line.

  2. There will be a brief pause while the call is connected to a qualified responder ready to listen and help.

  3. The responder will ask a few questions, such as whether you or someone you’re concerned about may be in immediate danger or at risk for suicide.

  4. Your call is free and confidential, and you decide how much information to share.

  5. If you or someone you’re concerned about is in danger, the responder will help you get through the crisis and then connect you with the services you need. If you decide to share contact information, the suicide prevention coordinator at the nearest medical center will contact you by the next business day.

  6. If you or someone you are concerned about is in crisis but not at imminent risk for injury or suicide, the responder will listen, offer support, and help you make a plan to stay safe.

  7. Afterward you may be connected with your local suicide prevention coordinator, who will contact you the next business day for continued support.

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